In the weeks leading up to Christmas, it is always heartwarming to see shoppers happily make contributions to the Salvation Army bell ringers at area establishments. However, shoppers had an additional incentive to make their donation this week. Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop and safety Charlie Peprah took control of the bells for the Salvation Army’s annual red kettle campaign Monday, Dec. 13, at the Big Red Kettle in the Bay Park Square Mall in Ashwaubenon.

In exchange for a donation to the Big Red Kettle fans and shoppers received an autograph from the players.

Since 1891, the Salvation Army has used its red kettles throughout the world to help the needy with its holiday season collections.

As shoppers made their way through Bay Park Square, Bishop and Peprah kept the bells ringing and did their part to bring the holiday shoppers to the Big Red Kettle.

And for the duo, Monday’s bell ringing was a fun way to get in the holiday spirit.

“Anytime you can take part in helping people get in the Christmas spirit is always fun,” Peprah said. “It’s great to see people give and sometimes I feel like there aren’t enough kind people in the world. Sometimes we only see the negative things happening in the world, so this was great to be a part of. I had a lot of fun.”

Both Bishop and Peprah enjoy the festivities that come with the holiday season, especially when those festivities are indoors.

“Usually, during this time of the year, I like to stay indoors,” Peprah said. “I can’t handle the cold so I stay indoors to help me handle the cold come gameday. I just drink my hot chocolate, watch movies, and relax.”

Bishop agrees, “I like to keep indoors too and watch movies.”

Whether Peprah is singing along to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” in his car or watching the 24-hour marathon of “A Christmas Story,” these guilty pleasures top his list during the holiday season.

“What I really love about Christmas are all the pies and sweets,” Peprah said. “I don’t think I have one favorite Christmas food. I love them all.”

In the weeks leading to Christmas, several Packers players will be ringing bells for the Salvation Army at various locations throughout the Green Bay area. Check for details.