Roger from Auburn, CA

Vic, I think (that) it’s interesting (that) the Raiders and Jaguars have so much salary cap room. Wasn’t it just a couple of years ago (that) both of these teams had salary cap disasters? In your opinion, does this mean the teams are managed better or have they simply gone too far in cost cutting?

I’m not familiar with the Raiders situation, although I know Reggie McKenzie had a cap mess on his hands and he went hard to work at fixing it, but the Jaguars’ situation is largely the result of the team being sold right around the time of the new CBA. No one was sure of the future landscape of the league, and there was an uncapped year and that provided an opportunity for a lot of teams to take a conservative approach until a new CBA was in place. The Jaguars were being sold and the former owner took a conservative approach and went into cost-cutting. The new CBA even allowed time for teams that went conservative to get back to the floor.

Rob from Leeds, UK

Vic, a few days ago, talking about the franchise tag you said you use it if that player’s top five in his position, because then it’s OK to pay him top-five money. Suh has to be top five in his position, so have the Lions made a mistake not tagging him?

By rule, Ndamukong Suh would’ve had to have been paid at 120 percent of his previous year’s cap number, which means he would’ve cost the Lions $26.9 million on their 2015 cap. That’s not doable.

Vivian from Madison, WI

Vic, Aaron is in his 10th NFL season and we’d all love to see him lead the Packers to a few more Super Bowl championships before he retires, since I doubt the next QB will be able to fill the void. So let’s sign some free agents so he has a chance. Players of his caliber are rare.

So, mortgage the future to load up for the present, with the idea when Aaron Rodgers retires the Packers will have to take a step back into uncompetitiveness anyhow, so why not go 0-16, get the first pick of the draft and use it to select the next Aaron Rodgers? It worked for the Colts, right? Or did they just get lucky the next Peyton Manning was available when they had the first overall pick?

Bill from Raleigh, NC

Vic, if the idea behind the salary cap is to save the teams money and promote parity, then shouldn’t each team’s cap be adjusted for state income tax? With Texas and Florida having no state income tax, that can mean an uplift of millions of dollars for their cap. Have you heard of anyone asking for changes in this regard?

It isn’t going to happen, so deal with it, and the way you deal with it is by doing more with less, and the way you do that is by drafting good football players and developing them into better players. I don’t see the teams in Texas and Florida winning Super Bowls, and Mass. certainly isn’t a tax-free state.

Eric from Gilbert, AZ

Vic, why do fans think players such as Cobb should give a hometown discount to stay with their current teams?

Because they’re fans of the hometown team and they’re so emotionally committed to the team they can’t imagine anyone wanting to play for any other team. It’s a good thing for fans to feel that way, but they must be able to separate themselves from their emotions and accept reality.

Dan from Osseo, WI

Vic, what would you think of the Packers targeting Vince Wilfork in free agency? Even with his age being a factor, a guy that big is hard to find and could be a good addition to the defense. What do you think?

I prefer a younger player. Carl Davis is a younger player.

Matt from Los Angeles, CA

The Chiefs, Patriots and Saints all have negative cap space. How are they able to add players to their roster if they don’t have any cap space?

Teams in that situation will have to cut and re-structure contracts between now and cap day. You pick out the guys on your roster who will offer a cap savings cut, and if you want to retain them, you tell them they’ll either have to agree to re-structure their contract or they’ll be cut. The first guys you look at are the ones due roster bonuses.

Fred from Torrington, WY

You are making an impact on this Packers culture, Vic. I am impressed at how often I hear your words echoed in the comments of fans.

So why don’t I hear them echoed in my inbox? It’s screaming at me. Panic is everywhere. My inbox wants to sign guys whose best years were five years ago. My inbox just wants to buy; it doesn’t care what it buys, just buy something. Those are not my words I’m hearing echoed.

Chris from Parker, CO

Vic, do you really read every question in your inbox each day?

I can’t do it every day. I might not get to it until the weekend, and I might fly through it without giving each question a lot of thought, but I promise to look at each question, and I do. Sometimes I hold one eye open as I hit the delete button.

Bevan from Brisbane, Queensland

Why all the panic about us losing players to free agency? The small amount of players lost in free agency over the last decade that have gone on to greater things after leaving justifies the decisions made at that time. I trust they will be right again.

This is a big weekend. The time is at hand. We’ll soon know where the Packers are going with Randall Cobb, Bryan Bulaga and the rest of their free agents. Hang in there, folks.

Brandon from Morris, IL

Come on, Vic, where’s the “Video Ask Vic” from the beach?

I think I’m going to do one. Thanks for the reminder.

Gregg from Durham, NC

Vic, do you believe tall receivers with a good vertical leap can be open by virtue of height? If so, do you think putting more tall guys in the end zone will help us in the red zone?

Height is becoming an ingredient in a receiver’s talent evaluation. The down-and-out era is over. Quarterbacks are throwing to windows and dead spots in zones. Tall receivers offer windows in the sky.

Arnaldo from Phoenix, AZ

Are the Packers likely to be a better team in 2015?

That’ll be difficult to achieve. The 2014 team was strong; I thought it was the best team in the league. Let’s talk about this next week, after free agency begins, and let’s talk about it, again, after the draft.

Steve from Dixon, IL

“There is no spectacle on Earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves.” – Thomas Wolfe. Is that what you meant, Vic?


Brad from Gallatin, TN

I feel I understand and believe in BAP, but I feel some positions, like inside linebacker, don’t warrant a first-round pick. Am I crazy?

The best inside linebacker I’ve ever covered, Levon Kirkland, was a second-round pick, but he played to the level of a top-10 pick. I think the point is you don’t have to spend a high pick to find a good inside guy. Bobby Wagner is another example.

Matt from Madison, WI

Am I the only Packers fan that thinks Cobb may not be worth the price? I’d rather keep our offensive line strong and keep building our defense. Our receiver tree is fine and I think Packers receivers get over-inflated due to Rodgers.

You’re not the only one, but y’all can ride to the game in the same car.

Brad from Gallatin, TN

What are some examples of NLTBEs?

Rushing for a thousand yards when you only rushed for 900 yards the previous season, or playing in half the games when you were injured and missed most of the previous season’s games.

Matthew from Kingsford, MI

Why wasn’t Sam Shields drafted?

He was transitioning from wide receiver to cornerback and there wasn’t enough information on him as a cornerback to warrant using a draft pick on him. Shields is an example of the kind of vision a team must have to maintain a healthy salary cap and compete for championships. It’s a game of replacement and you must find affordable players to replace unaffordable players.