The Green Bay Packers and Green Bay Metro have partnered together for the 2011 season to provide a convenient way for fans to safely get to and from home games without ever having to hit a gas pedal or spend a penny.

“The partnership between the Green Bay Metro and the Packers is just phenomenal,” said Tom Wittig, Green Bay Metro Transit Director. “There were 2,050 rides that took place during the Raiders game alone.”

With the two final regular-season home games remaining, plus the playoffs, fans are reminded about this option for getting to and from the games.

The free Green Bay Metro buses begin their routes five hours prior to kickoff and drop off fans right outside of Lambeau Field on Lombardi Ave. across from the Atrium.

Each bus is designated to specific locations and routes throughout the entire day. The buses are available to start bringing fans back to their original destinations approximately three hours after the game begins.

       There are four bus routes offered for each gameday schedule and each one was named with the Packers and football in mind.

Here are the routes:

  • Quick Slant route begins at St. Norbert College in De Pere and has six stops along the 20-minute trip, including Bay Park Square Mall. All stops in this route are within seven minutes of one another.

  • Lambeau Leap route is a short ride that stops at nine Green Bay spots. This route begins at the Green Bay Metro Center and stops at The Stadium View and Coaches Corner, etc. on the way to Lambeau Field.

  • QB Sneak route is a longer ride that has 11 stops that are no more than 10 minutes apart, while picking up fans from hotels, gas stations, restaurants, and shopping centers along the way.

  • Cheesehead route begins at Austin Straubel Airport and stops at hotels, Oneida Casino and Tony Roma’s along the way. The eight stops are also no more than 10 minutes apart.

“I have never used the bus system before, but I think it’s great,” said first-timer Sara Wendt of Eden Prairie, Minn.”

Wendt may live in Minnesota, but she is a Wisconsin native and Packers fan through and through. She attended the Nov. 14 game with her cousins and a friend, and they used the Cheesehead Route bus to get to Lambeau Field.

“The busing system is a great option for people who don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting to the game and it also is a wonderful preventative for drunk driving.”

The rides to and from Lambeau are anything but a quiet, dull experience. The decked-out fans meet new people, begin chants and even take part in some playful banter with opposing team fans.

According to Green Bay Metro bus driver Lynette Kanzenbach, the fans have never gotten rowdy or careless on any of her routes.

“I have only had great experiences while doing the routes to and from Lambeau Field,” said Kanzenbach. “Every game, I get to meet so many interesting people. These buses give so many people a safe, and affordable, option to get to and from games.”

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