Andrew from Denver, CO

Vic, those sintering plants must keep you Pa. guys grounded. Like Mike McCarthy, Bo Ryan fits right in with that blue collar, fundamentals and no-nonsense approach.

He’s a heckuva coach.

Roger from Auburn, CA

Vic, it seems very likely the Packers aren’t going to sign a single free agent from another team. Do you see a single player left you believe could help the Packers?

Desperation has turned to begging. Please, Ted, please waste money for my entertainment. Yes, there are players left in free agency that could contribute to the Packers roster, but it’s about price. When the market reaches the price the Packers are willing to pay, they’ll sign one or more of those players.

Augusto from Bogota, Colombia

Vic, can you tell me if the Packers defense in 2015 is going to be better than the defense was in 2014?

I think this year’s defense can improve its overall ranking, but it’ll be difficult to play as well as last season’s defense was playing at the end of the season.

James from Albuquerque, NM

Does the Alumni Spotlight music make you cry?

A little bit. The Greg Koch video made me tear up.

Tom from Pine River, WI

I was listening to the original radio broadcast of Super Bowl I, and I learned they used different footballs for each team on offense. Apparently, the two leagues used a slightly different ball and they wanted to keep it fair. It shed a new light for me concerning Deflategate.

The AFL was a passing league and its ball favored the passing game. What we must remember is the NFL and AFL were two different leagues. Deflategate represents a game played between two teams from the same league.

Maxwell from Simsbury, CT

White or Watt?

White, because Watt has just scratched the surface of what White did.

Doug from Union Grove, WI

As Wisconsinites, our sporting priorities for Monday night should turn to basketball. Agree?

Of course I agree. Tonight’s game is one of the great sporting events in this state’s history.

George from Little Rock, AR

In a 4-3 defense, are there any distinguishing skills or talents the left or right tackle needs apart from the other?

They’re often referred to as over and under tackles. One of the tackles is more of a hold-the-point nose tackle, while the other one is known as a three-technique tackle, and his job is to penetrate and disrupt the play. In a 4-3, you want one of your tackles to be a big, can’t-be-moved kind of guy, and you want the other tackle to be a quick-twitch, can’t be caught kind of guy.

Nick from Centereach, NY

Do the salaries of the coaching staff have any effect on a team’s salary cap? In theory, a team could hire the best coaches in the business and pay them disgusting sums of money to extract every last drop of talent out of their players.

Their salaries do not apply to the salary cap. I’m not concerned about the high-revenue teams overpaying coaches and getting the best ones, because I think the game is loaded with young coaches only needing an opportunity to prove themselves. I am concerned about the increasing size of coaching staffs. I favor a cap on the number of coaches a team may employ.

Ken from Wolcott, CT

I always ask you good questions, like the other day. Instead, you answer dumb stuff. Who cares about gardens? It’s football we want.

As long as the roots are not severed, all is well. And all will be well in the garden.

Bob from Birchwood, WI

Wisconsin or Duke?

Wisconsin. I guess the Badgers are going to have to teach the Blue Devils a little bit of a lesson.

Thomas from Alachua, FL

You’re both wrong. Dandy Don Meredith was the best broadcaster by far.

I loved Meredith, but only when he was with Cosell. Did you ever see a game Meredith did without Cosell? It just wasn’t the same. Frankly, Meredith wasn’t very good without Cosell.

Jeremiah from Broken Arrow, OK

What do you dislike most about Vic? A: That he is a Steelers fan. Well, it doesn’t matter to me much, Vic, since the Packers beat the Steelers in their last Super Bowl meeting.

Oh, that hurts so much. We’ll beat you the next time.

Chad from Tarpon Springs, FL

What are the keys for the Badgers in the championship game tonight?

Slow the pace. Make it a possession by possession game.

Edward from Canton, SD

To add to your answer about the length of NFL games before all of the huge TV money causing TV timeouts, I found on the Internet a bootleg DVD of the Packers’ 37-0 win over the Giants in 1961. The only commercial breaks were for when one team scored or the quarter ended. The break was for one minute, and the product was cigarettes, beer or cars. The game ran two hours and 33 minutes. The video quality was quite good, considering what live TV was 54 years ago.

I’ll watch highlights of an old game I covered and I’ll think to myself, did it look like that when I covered it? It’s amazing how much the game has changed, and TV has been the driving force in that change.

Justin from Janesville, WI

How do the scouts determine whether the draft class is strong or weak?

By the players’ grades. If the grades trend toward a lack of supply in the early rounds and a surplus of players in the late rounds, it’s not considered to be a strong draft class.

Rick from Shawano, WI

I would do (your) job for free, but when you’re owned and controlled by the NFL, I suppose a bribe is in order. Is it not?

Gifts of money are always appreciated.

Kelvin from Kenilworth, UK

Vic, as always, hope you are well and enjoying the draft hype. At what point do you think teams decide to trade up. Is it planned well in advance and then see if it pans out as expected, or do teams literally panic at the last minute, worried at the idea of their man not falling to them? I suspect both occur, but your insight would be great to get.

Teams target players. Randall Cobb is clearly an example of a player the Packers targeted. Mike McCarthy had a plan for him in his offense, and he loved Cobb’s interview at the combine. If a team thinks it can trade up for a player it wants without having to spend too much in trade value, it’ll make plans for moving up. Everything is strategized, but that strategy also includes contingency plans. The Packers loved both Le’Veon Bell and Eddie Lacy. One would require trading up, however, and that didn’t interest the Packers as much as trading down for Lacy. The draft is all about value.