Dan from Algonquin, IL

Vic, Is this Sunday’s game the type of game that will be won in the trenches?

The forecast is for a steady, all-day rain. In the old days, that would mean a run-the-ball, trench-warfare type of game. Nowadays, with fields the equal of golf courses, the only issue is the quarterback’s grip on the ball. Aaron Rodgers has always impressed me as a guy you want in wet weather. I see no reason to lower expectations for the continued recovery of the Packers’ passing game.

Ethan from Richmond, VA

Why is it mandatory to wear the color-rush uniforms? They are nice-looking, sure, but why are they mandatory?

They’re mandatory because the league wants to market a new, exciting look. This is a young man’s game. It’s also a young fan’s game. If you don’t market yourself to the young fan, your fan base will get old and one day you won’t have enough fans. I love the Packers’ iconic uniforms, but I think we get a little stodgy when it comes to throwbacks and third jerseys. Let it rip! It’s only for one game. Let the young fans have their fun.

Corey from Las Vegas, NV

Vic, I’m going to the Packers game in Arizona. Will there be a rally before the game?

Yes, there will be a pep rally the night before the game. I have a feeling it’s going to be huge. The one in San Jose earlier this season was.

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Patrick from Minneapolis, MN

Is there a rule prohibiting multiple receivers from lining up one behind the other, like in a single-file line? You need seven on the line, right? So put two receivers next to each other on the line, and line three up behind them, creating a T. I would think it would be difficult to defend, as it would present a coverage challenge and the route options would be numerous. If it’s legal, and assuming you have the players to execute it, why not?

The inside receiver on the line of scrimmage would be covered by the outside receiver, which would make it an illegal formation. There’s also the issue of an uncovered tackle on the other side of the formation, and there are issues about uniform numbers and reporting eligible, etc. Your formation is a mess. You play Madden, don’t you?

Nate from New York, NY

Was there a free agent this year you secretly hoped the Packers would make a move for?


Nick from Seattle, WA

Vic, Rodgers in his interview yesterday kept talking about consistency. What needs to happen to achieve this?

You get what you emphasize.

Adam from Wausau, WI

How much of an advantage do we have being on a long week while Dallas has a short week?

It’s a distinct advantage.

Ryan from Green Bay, WI

I found out Jim Taylor’s number is retired by the Saints and not by the Packers. Why is this? Taylor played one year for the Saints and was the all-time leading rusher for the Packers until Ahman Green.

Taylor is from Baton Rouge, La. and was a star at LSU. He’s a local hero and he was signed by the expansion Saints to help root pro football in New Orleans. Retiring his number helped the Saints bond with the Louisiana football community, which was dominated by college football back then.