Daniel from Los Angeles, CA

Vic, what’s the point of penalties such as offsides or 12 men on the field, when those clearly don’t affect the game/play? If someone jumped before the count and the play hadn’t started, why not just accept it and continue on? Seems almost pointless.

Why stop at 12? Let everybody on the field at the same time, and offside, too.

Lester from Eau Claire, WI

Why does management not go after some of the great names in positions that we need? Safety, DB, OLine, ILB and especially a run back specialist. Why are we afraid to spend the money to get good players? Building from the draft has been very unsuccessful in the recent years. Come on, let’s make the Pack great again; better than those other teams that have cheating/lying quarterbacks. Let’s get back to the glory years.

I’m fired up.

Mark from Bettendorf, IA

Vic, what does the release of an inside linebacker say to you?

It says the Packers are preparing to upgrade the position.

Brian from Neenah, WI

In a recent interview, Barry Alvarez mentioned the pride of Badgers fans. He was referring to how hurt the fans were when coaches didn’t see UW as a destination job and took other jobs. Those traitors must not realize the greatness of all things Wisconsin.

Destination is another word for money. Don’t be offended by others’ pursuit of it.

Tom from Fairfield, CT

If Nate Palmer is signed by another NFL team, would that signing be a consideration in the Packers’ compensatory draft picks next year?


Tom from Collegeville, MN

Vic, I have fallen in love with Reggie Ragland as a Packer. Help me gain perspective. I know I am setting myself up for disappointment.

Then don’t do it. Never fall in love with one player. He could end up playing for your rival.

Justin from Deland, FL

Is it possible the number of concussions recently has not increased as the statistics show, rather, more players have been diagnosed due to the increased focus?

I don’t have that information in front of me, but keeping count of concussions wasn’t a big deal for a big chunk of the time I’ve spent covering the NFL. We just didn’t know the long-term impact of getting dinged, as it was called back then. Concussions were likened to headaches. That has changed dramatically. Sensitivity now is such a player is forbidden to continue his participation in a game if it’s thought he might have sustained a concussion. Lynn Swann was carried from the field in the first half of the 1975 AFC title game, was carried from the locker room on a stretcher in a half-conscious state following the game, still wearing his uniform, and won MVP in Super Bowl X two weeks later. There was never a thought Swann wouldn’t play in that game. I can’t imagine him playing in that game if it was according to today’s rules and sensitivity for head injuries. What I’m saying is I think it’s difficult to find statistics that provide a meaningful comparison of then and now, because the need to chronicle that information wasn’t as intense back then as it is now.

Ted from Crystal Falls, MI

Judge a man by what his lawn looks like. I have found my personal hero in you. You are much more than a reporter.

Keep your blade sharp and you’ll look sharp.

Richard from Lake Havasu City, AZ

Vic, in your discussion of left tackles and size, in 1981 the 49ers won a Super Bowl with Dan Audick, who was a guard moved out to left tackle. The Steelers won with Jon Kolb, who was maybe 6-2. Both of these guys played tough and handled the job. As John Wooden once said, “It’s now how big you are, it’s how big you play.”

Then came Lawrence Taylor, and everything changed.

Adam from Wausau, WI

Which of the current presidential candidates would you pick as your head coach?

I thought long and hard on this question. I wanted to give a genuine answer, but I can’t think of a candidate I’d want to be my coach, and that bothers me. Maybe we need a coach to run for president.

Kirsten from Madison, WI

Clearly, I am missing something. Maybe it’s something obvious. What, exactly, is the point of the color rush uniforms? People who watch and love football are going to watch it, regardless of the uniforms.

The point of the uniforms is to heighten interest for the games they’ll be used. Clearly, the plan has been successful. My inbox is Nutsville about it.

Mike from North Hudson, WI

Vic, it’s a cold Saturday morning. What’s shaking in your pre-draft world?

I’m going to apply some bug spray to my arms and legs, and go out back and pick up the fallen palm fronds next to the marsh. Then I’m going to wash the car – I live on a shell-sand road and it gets dusty – and then sit down in front of the TV, mute it and watch the Masters.

Greg from Naperville, IL

I was able to sell my 14-year-old mower for $75 because it was still in great condition. I take better care of my mower and snowblower then I do my car.

I sold my snowblower but took my mower with me. I never use it that I don’t clean it with a hose. It’s with regret the manner in which I use it now is going to shorten its life dramatically. I no longer have a lawn. My yard is a canopy of oak, palm and cypress trees. There is no grass, just leaves and pine straw. I use the mower now to clear palmetto underbrush. The wheels are beginning to wobble. It’s a good mower. It deserves better than this.

Devon from Monticello, KY

Vic, when is the appropriate time to rebrand a team? At what point in a team’s reinvention is it acceptable to change the look and feel of the team?

The Bucs did it right. They waited until they knew they were on the verge of winning. I think that’s the popular answer, but I’m not in favor of rebranding, unless the uniform is truly ugly. The Rams’ old uniform was not ugly. Neither was the Jaguars’ original uniform. Change for the sake of change, in my opinion, is a mistake. Create something that’s handsome and fits the team’s culture, and then stick with it. No uniform guarantees victory.

Detlef from Boeblingen, Germany

I disagree with you on a Bengals-Steelers kickoff game because Burfict would be suspended for it.

Reinstate him for that game. The Steelers wouldn’t mind. They’d probably like it.

Randy from Des Moines, IA

Your obsession with lawns is enough to convince me the world does not need to be westernized. Runoff from this superficial hang-up causes algal blooms, threatens entire ecosystems, and has no value outside of aesthetics. Please, consider the consequences of this obsession. Is it worth it?

That’s communist propaganda.

Mike from Fort Wayne, IN

Vic, when you get to heaven and find out they play football up there, too, are you still rooting for the Steelers, or jumping ship and going with the Saints?

That’s funny. Here’s another football-in-heaven joke: Jay Cutler is with St. Peter in heaven – one sack too many, I guess. St. Peter says, “Here’s your house, Jay,” and St. Peter points to a shabby-looking blue bungalow with a lawn full of weeds. Next to it is a big, beautiful home. It’s painted green and has a bright yellow roof with a green No. 12 on it. A Packers flag is flying from the chimney, and the welcome mat proclaims, “Go Pack Go!” Cutler is angry, and he protests to St. Peter. “How come Rodgers gets a house like that and I have to live in this little blue dump?” St. Peter says, “That’s not Rodgers’ house. That’s God’s house.”