Adam from Washington, MO

How about this for a drastic rule change to emphasize the run game? Any incomplete pass will result in the ball being spotted from the spot of the throw. I just thought of this over a morning cup of coffee.

Pour yourself another cup. The league isn’t going to let the game go backward. It wants yards and points.

Nate from Pueblo, CO

Why don’t they drop intentional grounding all together and just allow the quarterback to spike the ball at any time?

I’ve been saying that for years. It’s the ultimate quarterback protection. Take the other protections off. If he doesn’t spike the ball, he’s on his own.

Donn from Lomira, WI

The Pack is winning ugly football games but a win is a win. Most of your readers only know this team as a highly rated team that wins and goes to the playoffs on a regular basis. They should go back in time to when the team struggled to get six wins in a year, but we accepted the fact and every year hoped it would get better. We should be thankful for the 25 years of winning, and if the team falls during the playoffs, be thankful we made it that far.

I don’t see anything ugly about last Sunday’s win in Oakland. The defense played at a very high level. The offense ran for a hundred, threw for 200 and played its best football with the game on the line. They beat a Raiders team that had scored some impressive wins during the season, and the Packers won by 10 points. I don’t know what Packers fans want, but if they don’t achieve a more realistic expectation, they’re going to miss out on a lot of good football and find themselves someday wishing they had what they failed to appreciate when they had it.

Mike from McHenry, IL

Is there a reason players don’t talk to media guys on the plane anymore?

We’ve grown apart. I saw it start to happen following Watergate. All of a sudden, newspapers stopped flying on the team charter, as though Woodward and Bernstein were sitting in judgment of them. Steadily, teams and the media that covered them grew distant, and it all exploded with the advent of the Internet and the social media that followed. One lives in contempt of the other. It’s unfortunate. It not only doesn’t have to be that way, it also doesn’t serve the reader for it to be that way. Sports aren’t news as much they’re entertainment. In my opinion, we’ve both lost perspective. The sports media thinks it has a responsibility for oversight, and sports teams fail to appreciate the link to the fans the media provides.

Austin from Denver, CO

Easy now, Vic, easy. Not all fans hated Rodgers’ interview last Sunday. I watched it two more times on Monday. Not all fans want the show. That was the best press conference he’s given all year, in my opinion. I understand I may very well be in the underwhelming minority, but I’m guessing I’m not the only fan who thinks like this.

You get it. You want the game, not the script. That means you’re able to accept the result, instead of being frustrated the result is different from what you envisioned. Expectations are the problem. Football writes a wonderful story for us. All we have to do is watch and read.

Dave from Eau Claire, WI

Thank you for the Festivus celebration; we needed to lighten up a bit. Where do you see the offense matching up best against a very good team this week? I was training with a guy from Pittsburgh last week and asked if he stole Christmas lights as a kid. He looked real guilty and gave me a wink. We had quite a laugh when I explained.

I think Randall Cobb has to be the guy in the passing game. As for outdoor Christmas lights, three kids could strip a mature spruce in a couple of minutes. It was a holiday tradition.

Jerry from Wilmington, NC

Vic, how does Coach McCarthy match up against Coach Arians?

They’re the same guy. If you like scheme, strategy, matchups, etc., this is your kind of game. These two coaches can really move the pieces around the chess board. Mike McCarthy vs. Bruce Arians might be the game’s best matchup.