First round (April 30)
T Derek Sherrod: Driven by ambition, discipline

Second round (May 7)
WR Randall Cobb: Wants the ball, but knows how to ask

Third round (May 9)
RB Alex Green: Ready for another transition

Fourth round (May 11)
CB Davon House: Turned up his game in '09

Fifth round (May 12)
TE D.J. Williams: Loves to play the game

Sixth round (May 17)
G Caleb Schlauderaff: Developed skills over time at Utah

Sixth round (May 19)
LB D.J. Smith: Right away, had look of quality

Sixth round (May 20)
LB Ricky Elmore: Forget the 40 time, he's no 'dog'

Seventh round (May 23)
TE Ryan Taylor: Just getting started

Seventh round (May 26)
DL Lawrence Guy: Will get fresh start with Packers