The Green Bay Packers Foundation has awarded $250,000 impact grants to both CP and the Green Bay Area Public School District, the organization announced Thursday.

CP, the recipient of the Packers Foundation’s Impact Grant, will direct the funds from the impact grant toward the organization’s plan to guarantee sustainability in six flagship programs and introduce five additional programs new to Northeast Wisconsin. CP provides progressive, individualized services for a variety of physical, sensory and communication disorders for more than 2,000 infants, children and adults each year.

The Packers Foundation Impact Grant is a matching grant, requiring CP to raise an additional $250,000 in order to secure the donation from the Packers Foundation.

“CP is known for its innovative programming, and the Impact Grant will help us increase services to our clients, introduce new programs and reach new audiences, carrying our mission of celebrating all abilities and unlocking potential forward,” said Jon Syndergaard, Executive Director for CP. “We are very proud to be a recipient of this grant and look forward to making a significant contribution to our community as a result.”

The Green Bay Area Public School District, the recipient of the Packers Give Back Impact Grant, will direct the funds from the impact grant toward the conversion of various spaces into 21st Century Collaborative Learning Centers to be built in schools throughout the district. These future-ready libraries will promote high achievement by allowing students to learn and work as a team. The centers also will feature flexible and collaborative seating, maker spaces that provide materials and devices for students to create projects and active learning conferencing centers with technology pieces and media tables.

"The Green Bay Area Public School District is honored to be selected by the Green Bay Packers Foundation as a recipient of the Packers Give Back Impact Grant,” said Dr. Michelle S. Langenfeld, Superintendent of Schools and Learning. “The grant will afford us the ability to transform libraries in 13 of our schools into learning spaces that engages students, promotes innovation and collaboration and prepares them for their post-secondary aspirations, whether that be college, military or the workforce."

“The Packers Foundation and the Packers are pleased to provide this support to two organizations that are responsible for impacting the lives of so many people in our community,” said Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy. “Whether they are providing services to individuals at CP and their families or creating a place for students to learn and grow together, we are looking forward to seeing these grants help both CP and the Green Bay Area Public School District continue to make a difference in our area.”

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The Packers Foundation, which has awarded $2.25 million in significant impact grants since 2013, now has distributed more than $7.7 million for charitable purposes since it was established in 1986. Including impact grants and the annual grant cycle, the Foundation awarded 318 grants in 2016, totaling $1.3 million. A component of the Green Bay Packers Give Back program, the grants, combined with other Green Bay Packers charity endeavors, contribute to a comprehensive Packers charity impact that was in excess of $8 million in the past year.

The Green Bay Packers Foundation Trustees include Terry Fulwiler (chairman), Tom Cardella, Valerie Daniels-Carter, Ricardo Diaz, Jerry Ganoni, D.J. Long, Jr., Larry McCarren, Mark McMullen, Tom Olson and Hon. John Zakowski. Bobbi Jo Eisenreich is the secretary of the Foundation.