Ryan from Highland, IN

It was all about Wisconsin basketball last time, so I want to try this again, because I really want to know the answer: When a team trades back to target a player later, how are they so sure another team won’t take him in the interim?

They’re not sure. That’s why teams are vigilant in guarding their draft thoughts. If it gets out that a team likes a certain player, then another team coveting that player knows where it has to move to be able to draft that guy. Darrelle Revis is a good example. Information leaked the morning of the 2007 draft that the Jaguars and Steelers had worked a trade in which the Jaguars would come up to the Steelers pick to select Revis. As the pick neared, the Jets traded up one pick ahead of the Steelers and selected Revis. Teams do homework on what other teams’ needs are and who they’ve invited for visits, etc. So, when a team considers trading down to select a player, it’s taking a calculated risk the player they want won’t be picked before it’s time to pick.

Koigi from Lynchburg, VA

Vic, Wisconsin was the better team. When they lost, I thought it was a great example of the best team doesn’t always win. Duke didn’t win the ACC championship, nor did it win the ACC tournament. They were down and in foul trouble but they kept their composure and made the plays they needed to make in order to win.

They also won in Madison earlier in the season. We’re talking about a national power that annually reels in the finest talent in America. I don’t think you’re affording Duke the respect it deserves. They won. They won twice. They deserve to be recognized as the best team.

Brian from Sparta, WI

In years past, when I was asked what I thought of the Packers’ picks in the draft, I would say I’ll let you know in three years. Do you think the BAP system changes that timeline?

Not really. A player can get stuck initially at a position where there isn’t need, but coaches find ways to utilize talent. Jonathan Ogden is an example. He played guard as a rookie. Aaron Rodgers is the exception, but it’s because of the position he plays. Quarterback is the only position at which you only need one, until he gets hurt or underperforms.

Jerry from Wausau, WI

Vic, with the apparent depth at nearly all positions on the team, do the Packers have a real chance to sign the better college free agents after the draft, or do they tend to go to weaker teams where they have a better chance of playing?

The Packers give themselves an advantage in signing undrafted free agents by having so many of them make their roster. Agents will steer their undrafted players toward the Packers because the Packers have a history of favoring them. I think inside linebackers and cornerbacks in this year’s undrafted class will have a special interest in signing with the Packers, as a result of the need at those positions.

Eric from Columbus, OH

Pro comparisons are a good way to get a feel for the style of play a prospect brings to the table. Who do you like in the draft this year and what current or past pro comparison would you give them?

Jamison Crowder reminds me of Az Hakim.

Bill from Staten Island, NY

Vic, cue the piano music you loathe. It’s Masters week. Who do you like to take the green jacket this year?

I’m picking Rory McIlroy over Jordan Spieth.

Travis from Blaine, MN

Vic, shame on you. You said if Mariota fell to the Packers they should effectively pass on him because it’s too early to invest in another franchise quarterback. But the Packers’ draft strategy insists you must draft Mariota if he falls that far because he’s likely the best player available and rated the highest on their board. Care to rebut?

Or you could trade the pick and recoup its value. How many times do we have to do this? Do I have to run some kind of disclaimer? Coach, if Marcus Mariota falls to you at 30, you don’t just pass on him. There’d be a line of teams willing to trade with you.

Blake from Green Bay, WI

Vic, I have my eye on Byron Jones, the CB from UConn. I had seen a video stating he may be a late first, early second-round pick. Do you see him as a good fit for the Packers if he is available?

Tony said something about Jones that got my attention. He said it’s difficult to find tape of a team throwing at Jones. I was immediately reminded of Revis. Mike Smith was the Jaguars’ defensive coordinator in 2007, and he was in love with Revis but couldn’t find tape of a team throwing at him. Mike came to my office and asked me who I knew at Pitt that could tell him where to look at a team throwing at Revis. As it turned out, Mike was directed toward a deep sideline pass that sailed out of bounds in the second half of a blowout. I like cornerbacks that aren’t thrown at. Doesn’t that say it all?

Christopher from Phoenix, AZ

It may be a little early to ask this question, but what compensatory picks do you expect next year for losing Williams and House?

A four and a five?

John from Casselberry, FL

Vic, will you and Mike be attending this year’s draft in Chicago?

Everything we need will be in Green Bay. That’s where Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy will be. Chicago is merely hosting the stage production of the draft.

Chris from Jackson, MS

Can you elaborate on why you think replay has ruined sports? In my opinion, it has helped. Whether it goes against my team or for my team, it’s good to take time out and try to make the correct call. I think it has brought sports up to speed with the day and age we live in. Your thoughts?

It’s turned us into crybabies.

Jon from Redding, CA

Vic, love the column, but time after time you say it’s just a game. I could not disagree more. To say that is to insult those who love sports with a passion. If it was just a game, you would have no job because people wouldn’t wish to discuss the Packers every morning of the year. Sports and football in particular are games, but they are so much more than that to so many people.

You have my permission to suffer.

Jon from Warsaw, WI

Do you see any similarities to the Badgers’ loss and the Packers’ loss in the championship game?

I don’t. Mike Spofford corrected me that it was a nine-point lead, not seven, but it was very early in the second half and Duke slowly took control of the game the rest of the way. It happened more suddenly to the Packers.

Rob from Webb City, MO

Thank you for posting the great article about potential draft picks at the ILB and CB positions. Are there any players Tony Pauline discussed you think provide great potential and value in the appropriate round of the draft?

Tony really likes Amarlo Herrera of Georgia as a late-round sleeper. I did some homework on Herrera. He’s impressive.