The estimated annual economic impact in Brown County of the Green Bay Packers and the redeveloped Lambeau Field is $282 million, according to a study released Wednesday by the Green Bay/Brown County Professional Football Stadium District.

The $282 million includes 2,560 jobs, $124.3 million in earnings and $15.2 million in tax revenues.

According to the study, the impact represents an increase of $107 million over 2000, the last time such a study was completed, and largely is the result of the investment in the stadium redevelopment. The incremental impacts also include 940 jobs, $16.3 million in earnings and $5.6 million in fiscal impacts.

Conducted by AECOM, the study looked at the estimated economic impacts associated with the operations of the Packers and Lambeau Field for 2009.  The operations include training camp, preseason and regular-season games, as well as events in the Lambeau Field Atrium. The study then compared the current numbers to the 2000 totals, which were adjusted for inflation, to gauge the increase.

Ann Patteson, district board chairperson, said the impetus for the study was a series of playoff games held at Lambeau Field in January 2008. The games resulted in a number of inquiries regarding the impact of additional home games. The only data available was from a 2000 study and was dated and did not reflect the impact of the redeveloped stadium.

The district developed 12 questions to be answered, including what is the economic impact of a Packers home game and what has been the impact (positive or negative) of the redeveloped stadium on businesses surrounding the stadium.

“In addition to providing updated economic and fiscal impact data, the study provides information that can be considered in planning future capital improvements and evaluating other possible events that could be held at the stadium,” Patteson said.

With respect to the increased impact from the redeveloped Lambeau Field, Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy expressed the organization’s gratitude to the community.

“On behalf of the Green Bay Packers, we say thanks to the community for their support of the renovation,” he said. “Our intention for the redeveloped Lambeau Field was for it to help the Packers with a new facility, and it certainly has. The old Lambeau Field had fallen behind the rest of the league, and we’re in a better position today on and off the field because of the redevelopment. But we also knew there would be additional benefit to the community. The study illustrates the increase in the positive impact.”

Also included in the study’s findings:

  • Total economic impact per home game: $12.3 million.
  • Economic impact of training camp: $5.1 million.


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