It is not uncommon to see numerous fans making a visit to the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame any given day of the week. Those stopping in Friday afternoon were in for a treat: the unveiling of the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame’s newest exhibit, ‘Pro Football and the American Spirit.’

As visitors paced through the new exhibit, many looked on thoughtfully at the numerous stories and artifacts on display.

George and Rhoda Sitek were in town visiting their son and decided to stop at the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame for the first time. The Michigan residents had taken the Lambeau Field Stadium Tour last year and were anxious to make it back to visit the Hall of Fame.

“We had no idea that this exhibit would be here but it is a nice treat,” Rhoda Sitek said. “I didn’t realize so many players and coaches had served. After visiting Lambeau last year, and again today, we are really fascinated by the Packers organization and even the town as a whole. The tradition here is something you don’t see everywhere, and even though we are from Michigan, we are Packers fans.”

Other fans visiting the Hall of Fame for the first time were equally impressed by the new exhibit. Several were not aware of ‘Pro Football and the American Spirit’ and were even more intrigued after learning that the Green Bay Packers were just the third NFL establishment to showcase the event.

“That is great that the Packers organization is able to take part in the traveling exhibit. I think that is great to know fans visiting the Hall of Fame are able to see a new exhibit, even if they have been here before,” Sitek said.

Two fans from Pennsylvania who were in town for the game were also visiting the Hall of Fame for the first time.

“The exhibit is very impressive,” Mary Lou Whitman said. “We’re lucky to have gotten a chance to see this on our visit. We had never heard of the ‘Pro Football and the American Spirit’ exhibit but we think it’s great. I really liked the signatures on the wall,” she said.

Students visiting the Packers Hall of Fame and the new exhibit also enjoyed writing their names on the giant wall for all to see. The wall is on display by the Oshkosh Defense, a producer of armored vehicles and technologies designed to protect America’s service men and women, and the sponsor of ‘Pro Football and the American Spirit.’ For every signature on the board, Oshkosh Defense will donate $2 to the Fisher House until they reach their goal of $100,000.

And with the exhibit being open just one day, plenty of signatures were already filling the wall.

Cindy, a resident from Green Bay was particularly impressed that all players and coaches from the NFL were being recognized at the exhibit. “At first I thought it was just in recognition of former Packers but it’s great to see all the teams being represented,” she said.