Jon from Towanda, PA

Do you think Russell Wilson is really on the same level as Aaron Rodgers with “The Man” status, or just a product of a great defense with a great running game?

Russell Wilson complements the Seahawks’ philosophy perfectly. That’s a bad thing? I should downgrade him because he does what’s asked of him? I haven’t been a big Russell Wilson guy, but if there’s one thing I respect, it’s getting it done at crunch time and he got it done. End of story.

Allison from Erie, PA

Were the special teams issues really about Slocum?

Coaches take the fall. They accept that as a hazard of their profession.

Patrick from Latham, NY

I agree with your notion that the playoffs are the NFL’s best product, and I would love to see more of that quality of football. Do you think there’s a chance, however, that fewer casual fans will watch the regular season if there are more playoff games to watch?

The casual fan will watch whatever you show, as long you market your product attractively. For the casual fan, it’s all about the popularity of the product. The NFL is No. 1. It’s the king of casual fans.

Patrick from New York, NY

I’m always a little sad to hear a coach or player is released, because I know that person has bills to pay just like the rest of us and now has to find a new way to make ends meet. I hope Coach Slocum lands on his feet soon and makes a new home for himself somewhere.

I think you can count on that. Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin were fired and went on to win five Super Bowls combined. Firing often creates opportunity.

Jeremy from Chicago, IL

Vic, why is it Seattle draws players like Lynch and Sherman, both trash-talking and over the top? It seems like that wouldn’t fly at Green Bay.

It’s about a franchise’s personality and DNA. The Seahawks are built on bold, aggressive defense. The Packers are built on precision offense.

Dan from Herriman, UT

Vic, did you see the Slocum release coming and, if so, as quickly as it did?

Whoa! My inbox has been full of howling wolves for the past two weeks. Now, the day after Coach Slocum was released, my inbox is full of, “Vic, are you surprised?” No, no, no, no, no, and one more no. We’re not going to do that. If you wanna be an owner, you’re gonna own this, too. This is the tough part of the game. This is the part that hurts.

Ryan from Roselle, IL

Do you like talking to the fans?

Very much.

Carl from Rockesha, WI

So what’s the Judge Vic Running Signature Snap of the Year? I like Stark’s touchdown against Carolina.

I like Eddie Lacy’s 10-yard touchdown run vs. Minnesota in Week 5. That’s my kind of party, baby.

Carl from Bay Shore, NY

Vic, turning the page is fine if you can say you learned from the epic loss to Seattle. Can Coach McCarthy be a better coach because of what he can learn from that game?

There’s nothing wrong with the way he coached that game, if that’s what you’re asking.

Terry from Plymouth, MN

Is managing the salary cap more of an art or a science?

It can be both; it depends on how creatively you want to use the cap’s tools for assigning money. You can covert salary to signing bonus and push money out, or pay heavy in roster bonus and light in signing bonus and move money forward to eat up room you have now and create room in future years. Those are artistic ways to be creative. Or you can be scientific about it and assign equal amounts to the years, which is more of the way the Packers do it.

Joe from Bloomington, IN

Vic, would you say journalists have pretty big egos?

I would say most of the journalists I know have a job personality, and then have a different personality, their true personality, for everyday life.

Paul from Milwaukee, WI

Vic, as much as this loss to Seattle hurt, I’m now ready to move forward and look toward to the 2015 season. Do you think the 2014 season will be used as motivation in 2015 to play hungrier and play with more focus, or do you think it will just be a new year and the mindset of the team will develop as the year starts?

It’ll be a new year and the mindset of the team will develop as the year starts. Beyond that, a new personality will develop as the team senses its identity. The fans will play the Seattle game over and over. The players are done with it.

Ryan from Viroqua, WI

Vic, can you explain to me why it’s a problem to use revenge as a motivator?

Because you’re focusing on an emotion instead of on your job.