The Packers’ fifth stock sale in team history has fulfillment companies working nights and weekends to fulfill all of the holiday orders.

“We do have ‘all hands on deck’ for fulfilling as many orders as possible,” Green Bay Packers V.P. of Finance Paul Baniel said. “We are striving for both accuracy and timeliness.”

Once fans order the certificate(s) online, they receive an email confirming their purchase(s) with a confirmation number. Upon shipment of the certificate, purchasers receive a second email that includes a tracking number to trace their package delivery.

“There are many components to the process that need to take place with our transfer agent before they ship the shares of stock,” Baniel said.

The full process includes receiving the online or mail order, processing it, providing it to the transfer agent to print the certificate orders, verifying the address, packaging, shipping it and emailing tracking numbers.

Barring any unforeseen processing issues, online stock purchases made by Dec. 16 are planned to arrive by Dec. 24, as stated in the offering document.

“Fans are encouraged to check their email for tracking numbers to see if their package has shipped. Due to the volume of orders prior to the holidays, packages may be shipped as late as Friday, Dec. 23, scheduled to arrive on Saturday, Dec. 24,” said Baniel.

Here are some frequently asked questions:


Q- Someone else ordered stock on Dec. 6 and already received their stock certificate and I ordered on the same day. Why isn’t my stock here yet?

A- There are many variables that go into the delivery of the stock, including location and whether or not more than one stock was ordered through a single transaction.

Q- I ordered two shares and I only received one share so far. When is the other one arriving?

A- Some multiple orders are being shipped in separate envelopes. You should still receive your full order by Dec 24th.

Q- I did not receive my tracking number, yet. How do I know it will arrive prior to Dec. 25?

A- As long as your order was received by the 16th, you may receive a tracking number as late as Dec. 23.

Q - I’m leaving on 12-24, can you please hold my shipment until I get back from vacation?
A  - Unfortunately we cannot accommodate this type of request at this site but you can use the UPS tool MY CHOICE to do so.  Log onto and sign up for UPS MY CHOICE.  Once signed up you can make changes to your package delivery utilizing your shipment tracking number.


Q- I received the email with a tracking number, and when I click on the link, it says there’s no information available. How can this be?

A- Please note that the package may not have been routed yet.  Please check back regularly to that email, click on the link again, as the files are updated every few hours with tracking movement.

Q- I ordered via regular mail and haven’t received my email confirmation yet or tracking number. When will these notifications come?

A- If you ordered via mail and did not provide an email address, it will not be possible for us to email you a confirmation of your order or a tracking number. If an email address was provided, you will be emailed a confirmation and then a tracking number when it begins to ship.


A- I accidently put my shipping to a PO Box instead of a street address. What will happen with my shipment?

Q- If your shipping address was listed as a P.O. Box, your certificate will be shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS). The USPS shipments will not be guaranteed for Christmas delivery. They are also not tracked, so you will not receive a confirmation email stating that it was shipped.


Q- I realized I made a mistake on the shipping address when I viewed my tracking information. Can I get the correct information to you so the certificate is delivered to the right address?

A- Through the shipping process, the incorrect address may be corrected automatically by UPS, however this may not occur in all instances. Undeliverable certificates will be returned to the transfer agent, Wells Fargo Shareowner Services, who will then contact the shareholder for the correct address for shipping. Due to this process, we cannot guarantee delivery for Christmas.

Q- I made a spelling mistake on the certificate name. Can I receive an adjusted stock certificate prior to the holidays?

A- Due to the volume of orders, corrected certificates will not be shipped until after the holidays. Incorrect stock certificates may be returned to the transfer agent, Wells Fargo Shareowner Services, along with a signed written communication requesting your changes, to 161 N Concord Exchange, South St. Paul, MN 55075.


For any other questions, please use this toll-free number – 855-8-GO PACK (855-846-7225).

Call center hours:

Daily through Dec. 24, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. CST

On Dec. 25, 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. CST

On Dec. 26, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. CST