‘Through the Lens’ will appear once per week during the offseason. Packers team photographer Evan Siegle takes us inside his favorite shots from the 2016 season.

Ray of Light

I visually prepare for every game. I think about the predicted weather. What might the light be like during the game? What is the stadium environment like? What gear should I use? Plus other things that might benefit me while making images. I usually hit the field two hours before every game in search of feature photos. Once I’m on the field, I study my surroundings. Sometimes I know exactly what I want to shoot and sometimes it is just offered to me. During Week 12 in Philadelphia I came across a cool composition. While I was wandering around the stadium, I noticed that a ray of light was casting through a small opening of the awning in the tunnel just outside the Packers’ locker room. I really wanted to incorporate that ray of light with the players as they walked out to the field. The tunnel also had a cool, metal-textured sliding door as the backdrop. Because I don’t stage photos, I kept my fingers crossed that the composition stayed clean, meaning no fans, workers or other busy distractions. I think I waited in that spot for 30 minutes. It paid off because I was able to get a nice composition of Jordy Nelson as he walked down the tunnel. I think the shadows of other players cast on the wall add another nice layer to the image.

The Fist Pump

I might like this photo because it was from the first game that I covered as the new team photographer for the Green Bay Packers, even though that preseason game never got played due to the condition of the field. I also enjoy the image because I always liked photographing Brett Favre during his playing days with the Packers. I have countless images of him leaping into the arms of teammates or displaying that gunslinger form.

I spent two days in Canton photographing the enshrinement and the Hall of Fame Game. Like I said before, the game never took place due to the condition of the field, so I ended up wandering around taking images of Favre as he interacted and visited with players and coaches. They ended up introducing Favre, and the other inductees, and that’s when I captured this frame. I like the composition. Favre, framed through President/CEO Mark Murphy, Head Coach Mike McCarthy and quarterback Aaron Rodgers, as he pumped his fist while being introduced.


I love shooting at a very shallow depth of field. My camera bag is filled with prime lenses ranging from a 24mm (F1.4) to a 135mm (F2). The selective focus really makes the subject pop, like this image of Richard Rodgers as he walks off the practice field on a hot day in July. This image was shot using a 135mm lens at F2. My go-to lenses, when I’m not shooting action, are a 135mm, 35mm and a 50mm. And when I can, the aperture is always set at F2.