John from Ardglass, Northern Ireland

Vic, when a team is working on a draft, how much do they look at the next year’s possible draft class?


George from Atlanta, GA

You’ve often stated this is the age of specialization. Why then limit Tebow to the two-point play? If he’s good there, why not any short-yardage play? Are we headed toward the age of the two-QB system; a good runner/decent short passer and a great passer?

It’s possible. Bill Cowher brought Kordell Stewart into the game on short-yardage plays in Stewart’s rookie season. I’m not opposed to something like that, but I am opposed to alternating quarterbacks from series to series. I think a team needs to know who its real quarterback is.

Gerald from Karlsruhe, Germany

Vic, I understand the struggle you have with soccer, but it has tension because anything can happen within a second, and hands are used to block and attack other players.

I don’t have a struggle with soccer. I hate it and would rather have a stomach virus than watch it. Case closed.

Chris from Marshall, WI

Every day after I come home, I sit down and read your column and munch on cheese curds. Have you developed any interesting habits while working on your column?

I giggle.

Jeff from Grass Valley, CA

Vince Lombardi said you need a bread-and-butter play, one the defense knows it has to stop. Do the Packers have a bread-and-butter play?

The back-shoulder pass. All great teams have a signature play. The Packers sweep. The Steelers’ inside trap. The 49ers’ sprint right option. The Cowboys’ lead draw with Emmitt. All great teams are predictable. They don’t take what you give them, they take what they want.

Chris from Tomahawk, WI

Do you think the Chargers should trade Rivers to the Titans to get Mariota if he is available at No. 2? Rivers has made comments he just wants to play out the last year of his contract and doesn’t really wanna play in Los Angeles if the Chargers move to LA.

Yeah, I think I would. I love Philip Rivers, but it would be a way of getting young at the most important position in football.

Stephen from Cedar Falls, IA

Do you think the 2015 season will be the most run-heavy year in the modern era of football?

I don’t have a feel for that question other than to say this: The best way to protect the quarterback is to run the ball, and the more important the quarterback becomes, the more important it is to run the ball.

John from Warrensburg, MO

The media still drives the popularity of the game and makes everybody rich. Are you rich, Vic?

Memories make us rich, and I’m the richest man in the world.

Earl from Taylorsville, KY

Vic, do you know if Packers management reads “Ask Vic”? It’d be interesting to know what Murphy, Ted or the coach thought about all the draft questions. I imagine they’d get a chuckle every once in a while, reading what fans thought.

I know Mark Murphy’s mother reads “Ask Vic”.

Russell from Shorewood, WI

What are your thoughts on Owamagbe Odighizuwa at 30?

If I can get Chris Fuamatu-Ma’afala’s name right, I can get Odighizuwa’s name right, too. Seriously, this is one of the most intriguing guys in the draft. You look at his size and speed and you figure he’s a pass-rush sensation, but he’s not. This guy passes the eye test like nobody else in this draft. His body screams athleticism, but he’s considered more of a run stuffer than a pass rusher. I’d like to see what Coach Capers could do with him.

Jay from Fairport, NY

I thought you were joking about selling our emails to funeral homes, but today I received an email about purchasing burial insurance for myself. I’m 20 years old. Coincidence? I think not.

Take care of the future and the future will take care of the present.

Bill from Bluffton, SC

You strike me as an individual who does not like fantasy football. Can I get your opinion on the subject and what it’s done for the NFL?

It’s driven the popularity of the game to new heights. It’s good for the game and it’s fun for fans. My concern for fantasy football and video-game football is that it blunts the fans’ appreciation for football’s human confrontation, which is the essence of the game. Football is about a lot more than stats and strategy.

Justin from Los Angeles, CA

So, prior to 1978, if you could check a guy all the way downfield, what was considered pass interference, tackling the guy?

No, tackling the guy is holding; it was then and it is today. Prior to ’78, a defensive back could jam a receiver until the ball was in the air; that’s when it became pass interference.

Tom from Buffalo Grove, IL

What are your thoughts on baseball today?

I love baseball but it needs more action. Too much time is spent watching the pitcher and catcher play catch. I think fans need to see more batted balls. It would be very easy to make that happen; just make it three balls for a walk. Pitchers would have 25 percent less opportunity to waste pitches. Will that ever happen? No chance. For all of the different distances in outfield fences, baseball will forever be constrained by 90 feet between bases, 60 feet six inches from the pitching mound to home plate, three strikes you’re out and four balls for a walk. I don’t know what the big deal is because there’s no standard for home run distance, and the AL completely changed the game with the designated hitter, but baseball will never experiment with the fundamentals I mentioned. I love baseball but I want to see more hitting and fielding.

Kevin from Minneapolis, MN

If someone like Mariota were to fall to the Packers in the first round, why not draft him and trade him for draft picks?

This just won’t go away. I’ve never seen anything like this. Kevin, if Marcus Mariota falls to the Packers at No. 30, it can only mean one thing: His right arm has fallen off.

James from LaPorte, CO

Vic, this column is such a racket. I’ve spent four years sending you the most obnoxious, annoying, ridiculous and silly questions and haven’t been banned or enshrined in the Hall of Fame despite my best efforts. Jacob from Missoula sends you one question on BAP and he gets into the HOF just like that. What gives?

He achieved a level of confusion I didn’t think possible.

Don from Albuquerque, NM

That gray clock on your desk in “Video Ask Vic” has an inscription on it. What does it say?

It’s an AFC title game clock that bears the date Jan. 23, 2000. It was the darkest day in Jaguars history. Not all memories are kind, but it’s important we remember the bad times, too.

Chaston from Blackfoot, ID

I saw you post something about how you wouldn’t want to trade down merely to get more picks. In what circumstances would you want to trade up like the Packers did with Matthews and Burnett?

If you’ve targeted someone you want badly, and you can get him where he fits on your board, and the price is right, go for it.