Jeff from Kenosha, WI

Hi guys, am I the only one who gets the feeling that the Packers are not nearly as concerned with their CB situation as the fans are? I think we will draft a CB but not until the third round. What are your thoughts?

I expect the Packers to draft at least one, if not two, but the combination of the House signing and the draft’s depth at the position will allow the Packers to wait for the right corner(s) to come to them.

Briar from Madison, WI

Tom Brady says he wants to play 6-7 more years given that he stays healthy. What do you think Aaron Rodgers' window looks like if he were to stay in good shape?

Let’s revisit that question when Rodgers gets to Brady’s current age. Until then, it’s not worth worrying about.

Dan from Athens, OH

Is it fair to say the more often teams exercise their fifth-year option on a first-rounder the better that team has drafted in the first round?

Maybe, or they drafted a quality player who also stayed healthy. The Packers brought back Nick Perry for a fifth year, but cheaper than the price of the fifth-year option, because of his injury history.

Matthew from New Berlin, WI

Does Mark from Indy realize his last two submissions were not Packers-based questions?

Careful, Matthew. A high horse has a seat for only one.

Brian from Fairfax, VA

Insiders, to me the first round is all about impact players, not necessarily position. You want to get a star, the rest of the draft can go towards need. If the two meet, then it's a perfect draft fit, but you want a guy who changes the game. Am I wrong?

No, but you forgot to mention you also don’t leave the game-changer, if you truly believe he is one, for another team to pick after you.

John from Lake Geneva, WI

Vic, somewhere George Carlin is smiling.

Let’s get him laughing, too.

Max from Troy, MO

No offense to Mike or Wes, but Vic's answer to the clubhouse/locker room question was some of the best writing I've seen in this column in a long time. I like writing that makes me feel something.

Sometimes the Inbox is the most angry, or depressed, or joyous, place on earth. This particular day it was the funniest.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

Under what conditions would Ted Thompson look to trade back? Does it only happen when there are no players on the board that he thinks are worth that particular pick? Also, when knitting a scarf, do you prefer the garter stitch or the reverse stockinette stitch?

The only stitch I know has a friend named Lilo. As for trading back, I see two scenarios – when, as you said, the GM believes there’s not appropriate value in that spot based on his board, or when there are a handful of players he likes, and he can move back confident one of them will still be there. A question late last week asked about Thompson “holding his breath,” hoping his target is still there when he trades back. I don’t think it works that way. If a GM has several targets rated equally and can find a trading partner to move back, he’s still going to be happy with his pick. He’s not really taking a risk, or at least not much of one, if he trusts his board. He’ll just say afterward, like they always do, he got who he wanted all along.

Felix from Langerwehe, Germany

With JC Tretter signing in Cleveland, who is the backup to Corey Linsley at center? Will the Packers have to draft one?

Perhaps, or Barclay could be the backup if he’s not starting at right guard, or Jacob Flores could earn a roster spot in his second year. It’ll likely be a fluid situation through the preseason, but that’s OK.

Mike from Somerset, WI

Mike, who wins in a poker match? Ted Thompson or Bill Belichick. They both hold their cards close to the vest.

There’s a really good joke to be made here about a camera and hand signals, but I’ll refrain.

Greg from Cuenca, Ecuador

Insiders, I realize football is a team game. With that said, there is only one team (obviously excepting the Packers) Aaron Rodgers has not beaten...the Bengals. Do you find players generally know this kind of thing, or is it just a fan quirk? By the way, the Jets, Rams, Patriots, Browns, Ravens, Raiders, Eagles, and Chargers have never beaten Aaron Rodgers. And yes, I need a hobby.

Back in 2013, one of my first “One Last Look” columns was about this heading into the Cincinnati game in Week 3. I asked Rodgers, informally, if he knew the teams he hadn’t beaten. He rattled off all four (at that time, Bengals, Patriots, Dolphins, Chiefs) with about a half-minute’s thought. He knew. Now only the Bengals remain, and they’re on the ’17 schedule. So are the Steelers, the only other team he hasn’t beaten in the regular season.

Will from Rogers, AR

Have you ever heard of a player purposefully dropping his draft stock so that he knows he'll be able to sign with a team as a UDFA?

No, but I have heard rookie free agents talk about being glad, once the seventh round arrived, they weren’t picked so they could choose where they wanted to go.

Randy from Detroit Lakes, MN

Give us your prediction for the first round? I think they trade out of the first with some team desperate to draft a QB.

My prediction is pass-rusher, corner, or trade back.

Carl form London, UK

I've heard that teams can trade draft pick for head coaches. Is there an example where this has happened? What was the price and did it work out well?

Fifteen years ago, the Buccaneers traded two first-round picks, two second-round picks, and $8 million to the Raiders for Jon Gruden, who then led the Bucs to a Super Bowl win over his old team. Before that, draft picks also exchanged hands a couple of times between the Patriots and Jets over the hirings of Bill Parcells (in New York) and Bill Belichick (in New England).

Ron from London

If Watt is available, I am hoping TT will jump for him. It reminds me of when Matthews was taken even though he only played one year at USC. Bloodlines are a real thing, don't you agree?

Except when they aren’t. Craig Bradshaw was no Terry, as Vic would say, but in this case, T.J. looks like he can make a serious go at living up to the Watt name.

Tim from Greensboro, NC

Tell Wes if he is ever in the Myrtle Beach area, he should check out Farmstead Golf Links. It is located just over the state line in Calabash, N.C. The 18th hole is a 767-yard par 6. It begins in South Carolina and ends in North Carolina. Played it twice. One par and one birdie.

Someone else wrote in about a 747-yard par 6, also in the Carolinas. The yardages corresponding to airplane models near the home of the Wright brothers can’t be coincidences, right? Somebody’s idea of a little joke?

Jesse from Bismarck, ND

What I heard the schedule maker say is "Green Bay and Dallas are going to play on Thanksgiving." Packer fans need to have their stretchy pants ordered in green and gold early for Turkey Day.

I believe I mentioned a couple of months ago the Packers-Cowboys playoff rematch at Jerry World could land on Thanksgiving. It’s been my suspicion for a while.

Matthew from New Berlin, WI

What is it with this column proclaiming young players as stars so early? Last year Vic did it with Randall and Rollins, and now Kentrell Brice? Sure, he's talented, but a star? Come on.

I believe the phrase I used was with Brice was “potential rising star.” I think that’s fair. There’s a lot of unknown in that talent.

Brent from Columbus AFB, MS

Guys, it seems most draft candidates for the 3-4 rush linebacker position have to learn how to play standing up, and/or how to drop into coverage. However, Tyus Bowser (whom you excellently profiled) is a true 3-4 OLB in that he already knows how to do both of those things! In fact, he probably dropped back in coverage as often as he rushed the passer on third-and-long, and still averaged a sack per game. He's a perfect fit, don't you think?

He really intrigued me when I looked into him. He’s a high-ceiling guy who likely will be there at 29, but is that too high to pick him? We’ll find out.

Bob from Colby, KS

How do you determine who you're going to feature in your "Prospect Primers"? The Packers’ needs?

It starts with BAV – best available video – which means having good highlights and some worthwhile soundbites from a player’s combine press conference to make a nice piece. Then, if there’s an abundance of options, I focus on potential “need” positions to increase the odds we get a hit on draft day. The hope is we end up with a few videos we can re-post as soon as the Packers pick those players.

Nick from Asheville, NC

So what happens if the Raiders win the Super Bowl the season before they move? Do they hold a parade to booing fans through Oakland?

I think only the owner would get booed. Vegas would probably have a line on it.

Chris from Victor, ID

News is starting to come out about fifth-year options being picked up for 2014 first-rounders, which the Packers still have the option to do with Ha Ha Clinton-Dix until May 3. I don't expect the Packers to decline this option, but I wonder if they are considering an extension instead with the cap space they still have. Have teams done this before?

I would think they’re considering an extension for Clinton-Dix, and exercising the fifth-year option would buy plenty of time to get one done.

Michael from Wausau, WI

Everyone usually gets excited about the first draft pick, but I love it when undrafted guys like Jayrone Elliot, LaDarius Gunter, and Geronimo Allison not only make the roster, but make big contributions. Is there a small-school guy or an unknown for us fans to keep an eye on?

No way to know this early who might be signing with Green Bay in the hours after the draft ends, but rookie orientation weekend is the first chance to see who looks like he might belong. I remember Gunter jumping out in the one practice we got to see two years ago, and when the pads went on over the summer, that didn’t change. It’s a process.