Roger from Auburn, CA

Vic, you seemed to think (that) it was very possible (that) we would re-sign Cobb and you were right. What does your gut tell you about the chances of re-signing Bulaga?

This is a very big day. Once free agency begins, it’ll become much more difficult to re-sign anybody.

Zack from Boca Raton, FL

Vic, it seems the turnover rate for not only coaches but GMs is at an all-time high. Is that a result of fan impatience or the owners?

It’s a result of importance. The game has never been more important. Fans are experiencing great angst in March about something that won’t happen until next September. The thought of not winning the Super Bowl is crippling. “This is the year” is every team’s motto and every fan’s belief. Losing cannot be tolerated, even when it’s a process toward winning. The bath water is full of good babies.

Jason from Sobieski, WI

I look forward to reading your column and appreciate the perspective you give on the game. My question revolves around free agency. It seems (that) a lot of these GMs think they are playing with monopoly money. The contracts being tossed around so far are getting into the ridiculous area. Paying Suh better than a franchise QB is just not smart. As good as he is, he’s not throwing TDs and he won’t win you a game in the fourth quarter with under a minute to go. What is with all of these franchises forgetting about fiscal responsibility and the future?

It’s about importance. This is the year. Every team is going to win the Super Bowl this year.

A.J. from Alhambra, CA

Did fan outcry have anything to do with the Packers organization re-signing Cobb to such a lucrative deal?

I’m sorry, no.

Brett from Green Bay, WI

Vic, is your inbox rejoicing?

Rejoicing and chortling, mixed with worry for Bryan Bulaga. Tomorrow is the saddest day of the year for me every year.

Chris from Wyoming, OH

Now that we’ve signed Cobb, are we Super Bowl favorites again? I love the fact (that) we are contenders every year since Harlan/Wolf/Holmgren and Murphy/Thompson/McCarthy. Those guys know how to do it right.

We don’t have a team release, yet, officially announcing Randall Cobb having signed a new contract, but I can officially announce the Packers absolutely know how to do it: Find a great quarterback and make him the centerpiece of your team.

Josh from St. Petersburg, FL

Cleveland LT Joe Thomas, a Wisconsin native, has been selected to the Pro Bowl eight times, first-team All-Pro five times and second-team All-Pro twice, all in his eight seasons with Cleveland. Have you ever seen an athlete just come into the NFL and immediately dominate their position as much as Thomas has in the AFC North?

Tony Boselli is the most dominant left tackle I’ve ever covered, and he was dominant from his first pro start, which was against the Packers, by the way. Anthony Munoz is the most dominant left tackle to ever play the game.

Jonathan from St. Joseph, MO

All that worrying for nothing with Cobb. On to Bulaga?

Yeah, but it’s not as intense because Bulaga doesn’t catch passes and score touchdowns. In my mind, big guys are the most important players other than the quarterback, but they don’t make the fans’ hearts beat faster, as wide receivers do.

Mark from Kingsford, MI

Do you think we can get Carter for ILB at a reasonable price?

Reasonable price in the first week of free agency? That would not be my expectation.

Chris from Tustin, CA

I hope Packers fans know how lucky they are. This team will be competitive or better for the next 5-6 years. How many other orgs can say that?

How many other orgs have a quarterback the caliber of Aaron Rodgers? Let’s stay grounded.

Jerry from Kent, WA

How much access do teams have to players and their agents before the start of free agency?

Teams that hold their free agents’ rights are permitted unlimited access. All other teams must wait until the Saturday prior to the start of free agency before the player’s agent can begin talking to teams interested in signing the player.

Tony from Burbank, CA

Vic, I guess all that angst was for high drama? It worked out, after all. Ted Thompson has retained Rodgers, Matthews, Peppers, Shields, Nelson and now Cobb. I hope Packers fans appreciate the amazing job Thompson has done with the cap. I sure do.

No team manages its cap and its roster better than the Packers do. I’m very appreciative of writing for a team about whom I can make that statement. It would be a nightmare for me to have to write this column about a team that treats its cap with recklessness.

Cory from Milton, ON

Vic, if you were making decisions for the Raiders and Jaguars in rebuilding a team, how would you approach free agency?

If I have no choice but to spend a lot of money in free agency just to get to the cap floor, I would make sure I spend it on young, ascending players.

Chase from Hudson, WI

Does it seem like Chip Kelly is more about scheme than talent?

He’s definitely a scheme coach and his scheme is a radical departure from the NFL form, which means he has to find players that fit into that scheme. It reminds me a little of the “run and shoot” days. There was no tight end in the “run and shoot,” which was a big reason for the “run and shoot” struggling in short-yardage and goal-line situations. Here’s the question I have about committing to a specialized offense: What happens if it doesn’t work and you have to fire the coach? All of a sudden, you’ve got a roster that has to be re-tooled for another coach and another system.

Ben from Hudson, WI

What did all that worrying do? Everyone was going nuts about Cobb and everything turned out all right. What good did it do for people to give themselves ulcers about Cobb?

It got a lot of websites a lot of visits. I should’ve jumped on that Suh-to-the-Packers rumor.

Rob from El Dorado Hills, CA

How much does Vic the GM listen to the head coach when targeting players in free agency or the draft?

It’s called a wish list. I’d listen to the head coach’s wishes. After I was done listening to his wishes, I’d go on vacation for the first week of free agency and I’d pick the best available player in the draft. I’m stubborn that way.

Jordan from North Fond du Lac, WI

Any chance the Packers add Harvin now that we have locked up Cobb? Nelson, Cobb, Harvin, Adams and Abbrederis would be insane.

You have one of the worst cases of wide receiver fever I have ever known.